TRASH CHIC [Digital Photographs 8X18] 05/18


This piece is a selection from a larger photographic series entitled "Trash Chic". Trash Chic is a reflection on today's society of over consumption. In a world where social media is a prominent part of culture, more people than ever are documenting their lives for the purpose of sharing. Creating and manipulating their photographs to meet certain aesthetics, I found it interesting to dissect this phenomena and compare it to that of over consumption today. This led me to the idea that I could document my trash consumption and photograph and arrange the work in a format similar to that of social media platforms such as Instagram. By creating highly aestheticized portraits of my consumption I was taking the same idea of documentation that social media so often uses to promote the consumption of goods, and in reverse using it to document and be aware of what I was consuming and in doing so I was able to decrease my amount of consumption.